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MY-WAGE.COM analyzes the salaries of the users and the determinant factors concerning those salaries through 13 clear diagrams (sample >>) and short textual assessment.

The user can optionally filter the existing database. The provisions of the MY-WAGE.COM site are FREE, but for the usage ANONYMOUS REGISTRATION is required.

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Salary IN Dubai
presales in which domain?
Reference: nileshsawant1..., 2008-09-08 13:34:59
What do you like / dislike in your job?
Reference: gy.csocsan..., 2006-12-19 13:43:55
Salary IN Dubai
What is the salary range for presales executive in Dubai for network domain? Please guide me Regards, Nilesh
Reference: none
What do you like / dislike in your boss?
Like my boss...becoz u can never have a manager who can read a person so well. his strategies are perfect. No boss will give 100% freedom of work your style and 0% of interference

dislikes: none
Reference: gy.csocsan..., 2006-12-19 13:46:20
MY-WAGE.COM new version - how do you like it?
The new MY-WAGE.COM site is online! How do you like it?
Reference: none
What do you like / dislike in your boss?
I want you to summarize: +: I like in my boss, that ... -: I dislike in my boss, that ...
Reference: none
Hot jobs
Post your job advertisement for FREE!
posted: 2010-01-06
Currently the job advertisements are in Beta Version.

The interactive job advertisements are completely free now. All you have to do is to register at info@my-wage.com.
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